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Low Level Laser Leasing


Since many chronic conditions require multiple treatments with the laser, and due to the high cost of fuel, we now have a low level laser to offer for lease.  This will allow the lessee to keep the laser at their home for a period of one month increments.  Most chronic conditions require the use of the laser daily or every other day for the first week or two, then every third or fourth day for the next couple weeks or until healed.  This leasing arrangement will result in savings over time for those with these types of cases, and is certainly much more convenient for the user.

Here's how the lease program works.  You come to Ann Arbor or I come to your home to spend about an hour and a half going over how to properly use the laser for the condition you are trying to help.  At the time of delivery there is a leasing contract to sign and the first month's lease fee of $250 for the basic laser, or $350 if your condition also needs the use of stimulating probes.  Most conditions need only the basic laser.  Full consultation back-up by phone will be available to the lessee.

Although most things can be taken care of with just the system shown above, we also have numerous special frequencies programed into our lasers.  Presently they include chakra balancing, nerve regeneration, mental alert, macular degeneration, brain breathing-rhythm mode (meditation aid), lymph-wellness, and seritonin (sleep aid).  Special case frequencies can be programmed in as well, please contact me for more information.  Depending on the ailment, a special frequency for your condition can be custom programmed at a $50 - $250 extra cost, but it is rare that this is needed.

This is a great chance to try for yourself the benefits of the laser with no risk.  You will probably find you will eventually want to purchase one yourself.  I would encourage you to attend a Healing Light Seminar at when Dr. Larry Lytle holds a seminar near you.  Click here for seminar schedule.  Full disclosure:  I do not sell the lasers, although I would get a smal credit towards purchase of other laser equipment should you purchase one at one of these seminars.  People ask me about the cost of these lasers - the basic Q1000 model is about $3800, and each probe is about $1700 each (there are two).  Total basic package with probes is about $7800.

At this time I have only one laser for lease, so availability is obviously an issue.  Please call or e-mail to inquire about laser availability.  At this time I will not mail the laser for leasing (unless there is a substantial deposit) so the service area is the same as my alternative health service area (see schedule) between the Detroit and Chicago corridor.

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