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Alternative Medicine
 This section is divided into eight basic modalities with the short version description of each.  Within the eight descriptions there is an icon to click for a more detailed description of each if you wish to learn more.
  Most services are by appointment only!   To see the on-site locations where remote services are held click here.  All other locations by arrangement or in the Ann Arbor office.  You must call or e-mail to schedule an appointment at (734) 929-7038 or forbiddenknowledge@yahoo.com both are checked daily and be sure to leave either a phone number or e-mail address where I can contact you.  We can now offer some supplements by mail order, click here to see what is offered.  No insurance/medicare/medicaid or credit cards accepted!  Payment is accepted in lawfull money (gold/silver), personal checks, or barter.  We can even take Federal Reserve Notes for now, which can be subject to change instantly.
          - Low Level Laser
- Darkfield Microscopy
- Bio-Terrain Research
- Cardiovascular Screening
- Thought Field Therapy
- Heart Rate Variability
- Ionized Alkaline Water
- Ozonated Water

 Low Level Laser 


 Low level laser therapy is the application of laser light over injuries and lesions to stimulate healing within those tissues.  Lasers are best known for their ability to cut, but do not confuse low level lasers with cutting or high powered lasers - they are not the same!  Low level lasers under various names such as cold laser, soft laser, bio-stimulating laser, photo stimulation and many others, have been used for over 30 years in many countries as therapeutic energy to bring about favorable biological effects in both animals and humans.

 Over 2000 worldwide studies show that low level laser therapy is totally safe.  Our low level laser is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Laser device based on research completed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).  Class 1 laser devices present minimal potential for harm to the user, and are generally classified by the FDA as Non-Significant Risk Devices.  There is absolutely no pain while applying low level laser to the body.
 Laser treatment is rapidly gaining acceptance by medical and health care professionals as a superior treatment methodology.  It has been used successfully for the treatment of traumatic, inflammatory and overuse injuries, pain relief and healing of arthritic lesions, reduction of abscesses, and treatment of persistent non-healing wounds such as cold sores and ulcers.  This type of therapy has also been used to prevent or minimize keloid formation and adhesions, to reduce edema, and to reduce pain from surgical and other treatments.  Use of low level laser therapy can also encourage the formation of collagen and cartalage in damaged joints and the repair of tendons and ligaments.
 I am so confident of the many uses of the Low Level Laser that I am offering your first laser session FREE, up to a 20 minute session.  Offer valid for a limited time.  Further sessions are charged at a rate of $50 an hour, and most single conditions take less than a half hour, but there is a $25 minimum charge.  This service is performed in the Ann Arbor office or arrangements can be made for on-location sessions, lectures and demonstrations.  Because of the price of fuel and distance involved, we also now have a low level laser for lease on a monthly basis to take home for those chronic conditions.  E-mail us to inquire about leasing a laser.
 click here for more details about Low Level Lasers 


Darkfield Microscopy



 One drop of live blood when viewed under a microscope can reveal amazing educational benefits about an individual's health!  The word darkfield refers to the way the light is manipulated under the microscope and I also have the ability to use brightfield and phase contrast microscopy.  There are dozens of conditions that can be seen in the microscope that might cost you many hundreds of dollars more to discover by other means, or wait until it comes to the point of illness.

The test involves a lancet poke on a fingertip to obtain a drop of blood much like a diabetic would do for a glucose test. The drop is placed on a microscope slide and covered to prevent oxidation.  Another drop of blood is placed on a separate slide to do another test called a dry layer test.  Your blood is then placed under the microscope and can be easily viewed on a TV monitor for an education about your individual state of wellness.  Any imbalances discovered can usually be alleviated through supplements and diet, oftenbefore they become a more serious issue. 

The session also includes a dry layer test, usually lasts about an hour and costs $60.  A DVD video of what is seen in the microscope is supplied at no extra cost.  If you are going to have your dark field blood evaluation, it is suggested you don't eat or drink anything at least two hours before you have it done.  Testing is done in Ann Arbor, or I can travel with the microscope for lectures or demonstrations if there are at least four paying clients.  I am working with several health food stores in various areas to do screenings on site with the microscope, but since the equipment is delicate and bulky please check before hand for darkfield availability.  location schedule

click here for more details about dark field microscopy



Bio-Terrain Research




When an illness manifests itself there is a chemical, biological, or electrical imbalancein the body.  Every individual has a unique biological individuality.  This is why some modality or supplementmay work wonders for one individual, but have no effect on another for the exact same condition.  Using Bio-Terrain Research we can identify keybiological markers unique to your body and suggest ways to correct the imbalance with the proper supplement or nutrition change.

 Using an exhaustive data gathering system of over 20 key biological markers, we can measure chemistry and physiological parameters that will illustrate exactly where your biology stands which will then reflect where your core homeostatic control mechanisms are pointing.
 The data gathering takes about 3 hours initially, and is performed in the Ann Arbor office.  The price of $250 includes the data gathering visit, follow-up evaluation, and additional data gathering if needed.  Additional expense would be any supplements that may be suggested. 

click here for more details about Bio-Terrain Research



Cardiovascular Screening


Heart disease is the number one killer, yet we fear cancer more than heart disease which will kill half of us.  Risk factors are high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking, age, family history, obesity and ethnicity.

The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer is an FDA approved screening device that tests for arterial flexibility, heart rate, arterial dilation, hydration levels, and assigns a biological age to your arteries.  This is all done in minutes with no pain or discomfort.  From there you can take steps to keep yourself from becoming a statistic with diet, exercise and the addition of Vitimin C for arterial flexibility, and of the amino acid L-Arginine which produces nitric oxide in the body.

The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer session usually lasts about 40-45 minutes which includes the review of your results and only costs $40.  The screening includes a full color report,  a DVD, and educational materials at  no extra cost.  Screenings are done in Ann Arbor, or I can travel with the machine for lectures or demonstrations if there are at least four paying clients lined up to be tested, but the final cost to the client may have to be adjusted if there are additonal costs associated with the venue or host management.  Re-testing can be done later to confirm the results of changes made to your lifestyle at $30 for each re-test.   I am working with several health food stores and doctor's offices in the Michigan/Ohio/Indiana/Illinois area to be on location with screenings, click here for the schedule.

 details about cardiovascular screening                      see a DPA report                      details about L-Arginine


Thought Field Therapy
 Thought field therapy (TFT) is sometimes referred as "tapping" and is very similar to another method called "Emotional Freedom Techniques" or EFT.  These techniques are a balancing of thought or mental frequencies that our traditional methods of allopathic medicine ignore.  TFT has been known to have about a 75-80% effectiveness as opposed to only about 5% with traditional psychotherapy methods!  These psychological balancing techniques have been used for anxiety, trauma, stress relief, addictive urges, phobias, depression,feelings of guilt/shame, jet lag and even physical pain!  These techniques are sometimes effective where nothing else has worked.
 The processes is self applied with coaching from someone knowledgeable of the techniques and is easily learned.  It usually only takes about five minutes for the balancing, and the imbalance will likely not return!  Compare this to months and even years of endless sessions with traditional methods, possibly costing thousands of dollars!  And now the effectiveness of TFT can be easily shown with the Digital Pulsewave Analyzer described earlier in a mode called Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which is described below.
 I provide the first session of this service FREE to my clients up to a 20 minute session.  Offer valid for a limited time. When your free demonstration shows success, you can then learn the method yourself or continue at the rate of $30 an hour in the Ann Arbor office.
 click here for more details about these methods


  Heart Rate Variability


 HRV is a powerful indicator of an individual's overall health.  The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer described above has a software program that provides measurement of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which is a five minute test that quantifies variations in the intervals between heartbeats, which in turn are a window to the all important autonomic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system is the internal system that controls heartbeat, body temperature,blood chemistry, blood pressure, breathing, immune function, tissue repair, metabolism, and other processes that are generally considered "involuntary" and beyond conscious control.
 Cardiovascular related issues are not the only reasons the HRV test is so important.  Psychologists are increasingly recognizing the importance HRV scores, because a number of studies have demonstrated that patients with anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, addictive urges, and other psychological issues consistently show lower HRV scores.  The use of HRV in conjunction with Thought Field Therapy (TFT) described above has shown that as psychological healing is taking place with TFT, physiological improvemnets are occurring as well.  This has enormous implications for reducing stress levels, producing internal homeostasis, and stimulating healing in many areas from heart arrythmias, atrial fibrillation, and even chronic illnesses.
 The seven minute HRV test is painless and involves only the clipping of a probe to a fingertip which draws no blood.  The entire Heart Rate Variability session usually lasts about 45 minutes including the review of your results and only costs $40.  Screening is done in Ann Arbor, or I can travel with the equipment for lectures or demonstrations if there are at least six paying clients lined up to be tested.

 click here for more details about Heart Rate Variability                          click here to see an HRV report 


Ionized AlkalineWater 


Normal tap water goes through a filtering process that first removes 99% of chlorine and other contaminates.  Then it goes through an electrolyzing process that separates positive and negative minerals, disposing of the acidic minerals such as chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, etc down the drain.  What remains goes to the alkaline side such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, all from their natural state which the body can assimilate.

Many people rave about the benefits of water that has had its pH raised to an alkaline state.  The water is reported to then become a powerful antioxidant, superior hydrator, detoxifier and helps alkalize the body to balance body pH. Enagic

 Kangen The machine we have can raise the pH of the water up to about 10 pH and is offered at $1.00 per gallon.  Our machine can also produce acidic water which is said to have other benefits, click link below for details.  Bring your own containers and experience your first five gallons yourself FREE! Available from the Ann Arbor office.

click here for more details about ionized alkaline water
 Ozonated Water
 See the link below for more information.  Available in the Ann Arbor office while you wait in your containers at $1.50 per gallon.  Proof of ozonation can be confirmed with a probe that measures Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP).  Glass jars with lids are recomended, as it is said to leach through plastic in time and lose some of it's ORP value.  First trial gallon FREE.
 click here for more details about ozonated water

 No statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA or any other governmental agency.  No products listed herein are intended to assess, assay, analyze, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease or assist in the assessment of health of any human being or animal.  This includes any hardware, equipment, software, or other tools shown or illustrated for any form of physical measurement or biofeedback, which sole purpose is for education in the health sciences and is intended solely for the use of private individuals engaged in their private activities, or by licensed health care professionals acting in their licensed capacity and respecting the laws, statutes, regulatory and contract provisions of their license, compliance to which is solely their responsibility. Any services and/or products we promote, sell, barter or trade is done so privately with the recipient's informed consent only.

The information provided on this site is purely for informational purposes and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other health care professional nor is any information contained on or in any product label, packaging, book, pamphlet, pdf file or other site resource or product.  You should not use the information on this site, nor use any product shown on this site, for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem, for health assessment, for prescription of any medication, or for any other health treatment.  You should consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have a health problem.  You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician.

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