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 USA Radiation Scares

This page was re-instituted in September 2013 due to yet more scares of radioactive doom coming from the likes of Alex Jones, Coast to Coast Radio, Jeff Rense, Arnie Gundersen, Steve Quayle, ENENews, and doomsday bible thumpers like Pastor Paul Begley.  This page was posted again due to continued misconceptions about radiation and elevated radiation levels from the Fukushima power plant incident.  My hope is you will review the proof I have on this page with links to current live radiation levels so you can laugh at the scare-monger reports whenever they pop up again, and surely they will.  

Here are some published and unpublished articles I have written about radiation:  

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Calibrating old Civil Defense Radiation Detectors

We also have a youtube channel with many videos on radiation topics seen at ForbiddTV 

There are two live radiation reading sites here for you to compare and check continuously if you so desire; they both are from independent sources, not government sources:

Black Cat Systems.com  The readings on this site are reported in microroentgens per hour.  Normal live microroengen readings in the USA would be around 5-28 uR/hr, or up to 40 uR/hr at higher altitudes like Denver Colorado.  To convert to milliroentgens per hour, move the decimal to the left three places.  To convert to roentgens per hour, move the decimal to the left six places.  To easily convert to sieverts, grays or other units, go to http://www.convert-me.com/en/convert/radiation/     Radiation units are rather confusing to convert, this site goes into detail of how to do it:  http://allegedlyapparent.wordpress.com/radioactivity/radiation_units/

Radiation Network.com  The readings on this site are reported in counts per minute (CPM).  Normal counts per minute in the USA would be from around 10 to 60 CPM, or up to 90 at higher altitudes like Denver Colorado.   Remember these are live readings and it would be quite normal for the numbers to fluctuate minute to minute from say 21-61 CPM within the same minute!

Keep in mind several things when looking at these live numbers:   

1) There is a natural correlation between altitude and radiation levels.  Cosmic background radiation levels are normally higher at higher altitudes.  The above maps do not tell us the altitude of the monitor stations.  This is also why you would receive higher radiation levels flying in an airplane.

2) Some geological variances can also elevate readings naturally such as natural mineral deposits high in radiation, such as uranium, thorium or radon.

3) Remember these are live readings and it would be quite normal for the numbers to fluctuate minute to minute from say 6-17 uR/hr, or 21-61 CPM within the same minute (in these real life minimums and maximums shown, the average readings on this day was 10uR/hr, or 38CPM).  You could almost double these numbers for a higher altitude like Denver Colorado.  Don't be alarmed if you see the numbers higher than this, keep watching the numbers and you will see they fluctuate as you refresh the page.  If they seem consistently too high or too low, it could be a malfunction with the monitoring station.

With these live readings you can also see that the US west coast, Alaska or Hawaii are not any more elevated in radiation from the rest of the country (or the world for that matter), contrary to the popular myth expounded by those trying to scare you.  Interestingly you can also see live readings from Japan, and you will note those very close to the Fukushima plant are only mildly elevated if at all.  And that is what I would expect.  I was never worried then or now about elevated radiation in the USA due to Fukushima, and you now see I was right all along despite the screaming of the scare mongers.  I knew this not because I have a crystal ball; I knew this because I learned the physics of how radiation travels. 

So what about the radioactive water being released into the Pacific Ocean and aquatic life?  After all, there was that report of Bluefin Tuna found off the coast of California shown to have cesium in it which could only be attributed to the Fukushima power plant accident they said.  That story might actually be true but read the whole story instead of panicking over the headline.  The radioactivity found in that tuna was 30 times in magnitude lower than the normal background radiation of the fish to begin with!  Are you afraid to eat bananas and Brazil nuts too because of the press?  Sorry, again these are lower than background radiation so cannot be measured except with ultra-expensive equipment such as a mass spectrometer (see testing results below at the end of September 2013).  I used to be able to get spirulina and chlorella from that part of the world for my green drink I manufacture, but now I can’t get it from there even if I wanted to.  The Japan export market for food has been shunned by the world.  For detailed answers to a lot of the questions I get barraged with every weekend, see this excellent Q&A session.

I am just trying to counter the crap that’s everywhere with the truth for a change.  That’s what I always try to do with my TV/radio show.  And I’m the only guy in the country specializing in radiation that’s traveling to shows on a weekly basis selling radiation detection equipment.  I would be the guy who has ulterior motive to scare you even more to sell more equipment!  The truth is bad enough, we don’t need the sensationalism where it is not warranted.  Why is it we latch upon the sensationalism/conspiracy articles and then always assume the government is lying to us?  Not everything is a lie/conspiracy, but yes there are a lot of them.  I find that I get very few radio/TV interviews these days because my message isn't the sensationalism they want, even though it’s the truth.  Frankly I gave up taking radiation readings years ago, but since the scientific proof doesn't seem to phase the Fukushima doom myth writers and show hosts, I have begun again, even though those same scare mongers will not measure radiation levels for themselves or even research the science for themselves.  It's easier to regurgitate the lies to keep people on the edge with the sensationalism and entertainment.

 Below you will find averaged radiation readings I have taken personally in my travels.  I will try to keep adding to  them as time passes.  Some locations will be repeated to show they aren’t getting any higher over time.  I have included altitudes rounded to the nearest 100 feet so you may see the largest correlation factor associated with higher radiation levels.   In comparison to the maps, mine are listed in microroentgens as with Black Cat Systems  so you may hopefully see my readings are quite in line with the live readings at any given moment.  However keep in mind that mine are averages calculated from a longer testing period (usually overnight) with a Mazur PRM9000 geiger counter with a pancake type sensor that picks up alpha, beta, gamma, and X-rays.  After about and hour of measurement I notice this unit can get a good background reading that generally doesn't statistically change with overnight or multiple day measurements.  For the purists who might question my testing methods, these below are long term overnight readings with the pancake probe facing in a horizontal position (unit balanced on it's side) either inside a car or in a building.  Since I live on the road, this is the best I can do.  I am not associated with any test facility or government agency.  The scare mongers out there will just dismiss these readings as invented or label me crazy or a shill. 

If you want to be scared, consider the greater radiation danger; a solar flare or man-made electromagnetic pulse (EMP).  Neither of these events will be dangerous to the human body, but the aftermath surely will.  With a mass-corona ejection from the sun on the magnitude we had in 1859 (search “The Carrington Event”), the electrical grid will go down for a very long time.  All nuclear power plants will immediately go into “scram” mode, safely shutting down.  But as we learned from Japan, you have to keep those cooling pumps circulating water.  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission here requires battery and generator backup for about 4 days.  This grid shut-down will be much longer than that.  If you were scared of Japan thousands of miles away, how are you going to feel with up to 100 Fukushima’s going on at the same time here in the US, and about 700 world-wide?  Danger Will Robinson, and Washington is not addressing the problem.  The good news is when this event happens (you notice I said when, not if) you won’t see any of the scare-monger stories, because there will be no news to be had.  Go ahead, pretend it can’t happen, but someday all of you will remember the crazy guy who tried to sound the alarm when we still could.  Below is my first youtube video on this topic.


Background Radiation Readings

(averages calculated in microroengens per hour with a Mazur PRM-9000 which has a pancake Geiger-Mueller tube that is about three times more sensitive than the standard tubed models such as in a CD-V700)


7-1-13   Loveland Colorado               16 uR/hr    altitude 5,000

7-3-13   Canon City Colorado*         20 uR/hr    altitude 5,300

7-5-13   Pikes Peak Colorado            31 uR/hr    altitude 14,100

7-6-13   Colorado Springs Colorado   15 uR/hr    altitude 6,000

7-8-13   Omaha Nebraska                7 uR/hr    altitude 1,100

7-9-13   Valparaiso Indiana                8 uR/hr    altitude 800

7-10-13   Jackson Michigan                9 uR/hr    altitude 900

7-10-13   South Lyon Michigan          9 uR/hr    altitude 900

7-12-13   Berea Ohio                           8 uR/hr    altitude 800

7-15-13   Belleville Illinois               10 uR/hr    altitude 500

7-17-13   Waynesville Missouri          7 uR/hr    altitude 800

7-19-13   Lebanon Missouri          10 uR/hr    altitude 1,300

7-22-13   Caneyville Kentucky           8 uR/hr    altitude 500

7-25-13   Louisville Kentucky            8 uR/hr     altitude 500

7-26-13   Chantilly Virginia               7 uR/hr    altitude 300

8-2-13     Fort Wayne Indiana           8 uR/hr    altitude 800

8-9-13     Shipshewana Indiana          8 uR/hr    altitude 900

8-24-13   Indianapolis Indiana           8 uR/hr    altitude 700

9-1-13     Atlanta Georgia                  12 uR/hr    altitude 900

9-2-13     Braselton Georgia                  12 uR/hr    altitude 900

9-3-13     Waynesville North Carolina   13 uR/hr    altitude 3,600

9-8-13     Louisville Kentucky                  8 uR/hr     altitude 500

9-13-13   Sturgis Michigan                      8 uR/hr    altitude 900

9-15-13   Boone Grove Indiana               10 uR/hr    altitude 700

9-21-13  Birch Run Michigan                   7 uR/hr    altitude 600

9-23-13  Belleville Illinois                        10 uR/hr    altitude 500

9-25-13  Reynoldsville Pennsylvania        8 uR/hr    altitude 1,400

9-26-13  Baltimore Maryland                   10 uR/hr    altitude <100

9-27-13  Chantilly Virginia                          8 uR/hr    altitude 300

9-28-13   Chantilly Virginia (banana test)**  8 uR/hr    altitude 300

9-29-13   Chantilly Virginia (brazil nut test)**  9 uR/hr    altitude 300

9-30-13  Gettysburg Pennsylvania                  7 uR/hr    altitude 600

10-1-13  Sylvania Ohio                                   7 uR/hr    altitude 600

11-15-13   Lafayette Indiana                          9 uR/hr    altitude 700

11-22-13   Chantilly Virginia                        7 uR/hr    altitude 300

11-24-13   Sideling Hill Maryland               7 uR/hr    altitude 1,900

11-29-13   Michigan City Indiana                  7 uR/hr    altitude 600

12-5-13   Valparaiso Indiana                          7 uR/hr    altitude 800

12-6-13   Crown Point Indiana                     6 uR/hr    altitude 700

12-8-13   Hebron Indiana                              7 uR/hr    altitude 700

12-11-13   Fort Wayne Indiana                     8 uR/hr    altitude 800

12-13-13  Louisville Kentucky                      8uR/hr    altitude 500

12-21-13  Novi Michigan                               8uR/hr    altitude 900

12-25-13   Frederick Maryland                    7 uR/hr    altitude 300

12-27-13   Chantilly Virginia                        7 uR/hr    altitude 300

12-29-13   Hazelton West Virginia           10 uR/hr    altitude 1,900

1-5-14   Fort Wayne Indiana                       8 uR/hr    altitude 800

1-18-14   Indianapolis Indiana                     6 uR/hr    altitude 700

1-25-14   Burns Harbor Indiana                  7 uR/hr    altitude 600

1-26-14   Schererville Indiana                     6 uR/hr    altitude 700

2-1-14  Taylor Michigan                               8uR/hr    altitude 600

2-12-14   Washington Pennsylvania          8 uR/hr    altitude 1,200

2-15-14   Chantilly Virginia                        6 uR/hr    altitude 300

2-16-14   Hagerston Virginia                        7 uR/hr    altitude 500

2-28-14   Oklahoma City Oklahoma          7 uR/hr    altitude 1,200

3-7-14   Wichita Kansas                             8 uR/hr    altitude 1,300

4-5-14   South Bend Indiana                         7 uR/hr    altitude 700

4-12-14   Lansing Michigan                          8 uR/hr    altitude 900

4-25-14  Chantilly Virginia                           8 uR  altitude 300

4-27-14  Frederick Maryland                       7 uR  altitude 300

4-28-14  Lamar Pennsylvania                       7 uR  altitude 800

5-17-14  Dayton Ohio                                  8 uR  altitude 700

5-24-14  Harrison MI                                  7 uR  altitude 1,200

5-26-14  Mackinaw City MI                         7 uR  altitude 600

5-27-14  Mackinac Island MI                       7 uR  altitude 600

6-5-14  Chantilly VA                                   8 uR  altitude 300

6-15-14  Friendship IN                                 7 uR  altitude 600

6-28-14  Houghton Lake MI                         7 uR  altitude 1,100

7-4-14  Mason MI                                         7 uR  altitude 900

7-12-14  Cadillac MI                                      7 uR  altitude 1,300

7-19-14  Louisville KY                                     7 uR  altitude 500

7-25-14  Chantilly VA                                        7 uR  altitude 300

8-1-14  Skyline Caverns VA 1hr reading in cave   411 uR  altitude 600

(yes, a higher reading was expected naturally in a cavern; going to attempt more research on this)

8-1-14  Front Royal VA (nearest town to above)   8 uR  altitude 600

8-2-14  Berryville VA                                        7 uR  altitude 600

8-9-14  Naperville IL                                         9 uR  altitude 700

8-10-14  Bloomingdale IL                                  9 uR  altitude 700

8-11-14  Lafayette Ohio                                    7 uR  altitude 800

8-17-14  Grand Rapids MI                                7 uR  altitude 600

8-23-14  Monroe MI                                        6uR  altitude 600

8-27-14  Dolton GA                                         7uR  altitude 800

8-28-14  Atlanta (downtown) GA                    10uR  altitude 900

9-1-14  Carroll Heights GA                             12uR  altitude 800

9-2-14  Lithia Springs GA                               10uR  altitude 800

9-4-14  Oxford AL                                           8uR  altitude 700

9-10-14  Waynesville NC                               9uR  altitude 3,600

9-13-14  Saluda NC                                        8uR  altitude 2,100

9-16-14  Union NJ                                          6uR  altitude 100

9-27-14  Chantilly VA                                    7uR  altitude 300

10-4-14  Elkhart IN                                        7uR  altitude 700

10-11-14  Fort Wayne IN                                8uR  altitude 800

10-17-14  Indianapolis IN                              7uR  altitude 700

10-24-14  Maple Hill KS                                7uR  altitude 900

10-26-14  Topeka KS                                      8uR  altitude 900

10-27-14  Dover KS (2-hr reading)                7uR  altitude 900

10-27-14  Keene KS (4 hrs underground)      11uR  altitude 900

10-28-14  Jacksonville IL                                7uR  altitude 600

11-7-14  Herndon VA                                      6uR  altitude 400

11-9-14  Winchester VA                                  7uR  altitude 700

11-14-14  Fredericksburg VA                          7uR  altitude 100

11-23-14  Chantilly VA                                    7uR  altitude 300

11-29-14  Birch Run MI                                   7uR  altitude 600

12-7-14  Mount Clemens MI                            7uR  altitude 600

12-13-14  Monroe MI                                        6uR  altitude 600

12-19-14  Philadelphia PA                                6uR  altitude >100

12-27-14  Winchester VA                                 7uR  altitude 700

1-3-15  Chantilly VA                                        6uR  altitude 300

1-9-15  Rochester NY                                      6uR  altitude 500

1-16-15  Indianapolis IN                                  6uR  altitude 700

1-24-15  Crown Point IN                                  6uR  altitude 700

1-30-15  Greenfield IN                                     6uR  altitude 900

2-5-15  Princeton WV                                      7uR  altitude 2,400

2-8-15  Roanoke VA                                         8uR  altitude 1,100

3-28-15  Lebanon MO                                     7uR  altitude 1,300

4-18-15  Indianapolis IN                                  7uR  altitude 700

5-15-15  Dayton OH                                         6uR  altitude 700

5-29-15  Winchester VA                                   7uR  altitude 700

6-12-15  Oak Ridge TN                                    6uR  altitude 900

6-16-15  Knoxville TN                                     7uR  altitude 900

6-18-15  Waynesville NC                              10uR  altitude 2,800

6-19-15  Fletcher NC                                     10uR  altitude 2,200

6-26-15  Springfield MO                                8uR  altitude 1,300

6-30-15  Amarillo TX                                    10uR  altitude 3,600

7-2-15  Roswell NM                                      10uR  altitude 3,600

7-11-15  Raleigh NC                                      10uR  altitude 300

7-17-15  Hampton VA                                     10uR  altitude 10

7-20-15  Virginia Beach VA                            10uR  altitude 10

7-24-15  Chantilly VA                                     7uR  altitude 300

8-1-15  Wisconsin Dells WI                            6uR  altitude 900

8-3-15  Highland IN                                        7uR  altitude 600

8-4-15  Adrian MI                                           7uR  altitude 800

8-30-15  Lawrenceville GA                            9uR  altitude 1,100

9-2-15  Morrow GA                                       10uR  altitude 900

9-4-15  Atlanta GA                                         11uR  altitude 900

9-7-15  Cartersville GA                                  10uR  altitude 800

9-18-15  Saluda NC                                        9uR  altitude 2,100

9-30-15  Hagerstown MD                               6uR altitude 500

10-2-15  Chantilly VA                                    7uR  altitude 300

10-4-15  Gettysburg PA                                   6uR  altitude 600

10-5-15  Lamar PA                                          6uR  altitude 800

10-10-15  Louisville KY                                 6uR  altitude 500

10-16-15  Columbus OH                                 6uR  altitude 900

10-23-15  Indianapolis IN                               6uR  altitude 700

10-29-15  Liberty MO                                    7uR  altitude 900

10-31-15  Kansas City KS                              9uR  altitude 900

11-3-15  Loveland CO                                  16uR  altitude 5,000

11-4-15  Estes Park CO                                18uR  altitude 7,500

11-7-15  Denver CO                                     12uR  altitude 5,100

11-9-15  Topeka KS                                       7uR  altitude 900

11-18-15  Hubbard OH                                 7uR  altitude 1,000

12-31-15  Chantilly VA                                 6uR altitude 300

1-10-16  Wyoming MI                                  8uR  altitude 600

1-15-16  Indianapolis IN                               7uR  altitude 700

1-21-16  Groesbeck OH                                7uR  altitude 900

1-23-16  Cincinnati OH                                 8uR altitude 500

1-31-16  Columbus OH                                 7uR  altitude 900

2-6-16  Holt MI                                             7uR  altitude 900

3-10-16  Dinwiddie IN                                  7uR altitude 700

3-13-16  South Bend IN                                7uR altitude 700

4-8-16  Howe IN                                            7uR altitude 900

4-16-16  Kendallville IN                               6uR altitude 1,000

4-30-16  Arlington TX                                   6uR altitude 600

5-2-16   Hope AR                                           6uR altitude 400

5-6-16  Ashland VA                                        8uR altitude 200

5-9-16  White Sulphur Springs WV            7uR  altitude 1,900

5-12-16  London KY                                   6uR  altitude 1,200

5-14-16  Sevierville TN                               6uR  altitude 900

5-16-16  Caryville TN                                7uR  altitude 1,100

5-20-16  Eaton OH                                     6uR  altitude 1,000

5-21-16  Vandalia OH                                7uR  altitude 1,000

5-28-16  Elkhart IN                                     6uR  altitude 700

6-11-16  Valparaiso IN                                6uR  altitude 800

6-13-16  Sawyer MI                                    7uR  altitude 600

6-18-16  Kankakee IL                                 5uR  altitude 700

6-25-16  Springfield MO                           7uR  altitude 1,300

6-28-16  Branson MO                                 6uR  altitude 800

6-29-16  Mountain View AR                      6uR  altitude 800

6-30-16  Galveston TX                                6uR  altitude 0

7-1-16  Brookshire TX                               7uR  altitude 200

7-2-16  San Antonio TX                             7uR  altitude 700

7-8-16  Mocksville NC                              7uR  altitude 900

7-9-16  Raleigh NC                                   10uR  altitude 300

7-11-16  Kernersville NC                         7uR  altitude 1,000

7-14-16  Ardmore TN                                7uR  altitude 900

7-15-16  Priceville AL                               6uR  altitude 600

7-16-16  Huntsville AL                              6uR altitude 600

7-29-16  Columbia SC                               8uR  altitude 300

7-31-16  Cayce SC                                     9uR  altitude 200

8-1-16  Clinton SC                                    11uR  altitude 700

8-5-16  Birch Run MI                                6uR  altitude 600

8-19-16  Chesterfield Township MI           6uR  altitude 600

8-31-16  Caryville TN                              7uR  altitude 1,100

9-1-16  Morrow GA                                  10uR  altitude 900

9-4-16  Atlanta GA                                    9uR  altitude 900

9-6-16  Cartersville GA                             9uR  altitude 800

9-14-16  Arden NC                                    11uR  altitude 2,200

9-17-16  Saluda NC                                    8uR  altitude 2,100

9-20-16  Huntsville AL                               6uR  altitude 600

9-29-16  Oak Grove MO                             8uR  altitude 800

9-30-16  Kansas City MO                           7uR  altitude 800                     

10-3-16  Higginsville MO                           7uR  altitude 800

10-7-16  Joliet IL                                        6uR  altitude 600

10-9-16  Minooka IL                                   6uR  altitude 600

10-10-16  South Bend IN                            6uR  altitude 700

10-15-16  Cincinnati OH                            6uR  altitude 500

10-17-16  Walton KY                                 7uR  altitude 900

11-12-16  Port Huron MI                            6uR  altitude 600

11-17-16  Chantilly VA                               7uR  altitude 300

11-20-16  Hagerstown MD                          7uR  altitude 500

11-25-16  Birch Run MI                              6uR  altitude 600

11-27-16  Saginaw MI                                 7uR  altitude 600

12-7-16  Shepherdsville KY                       6uR  altitude 400

12-8-16  New Albany MS                          6uR  altitude 400

12-9-16  Tupelo MS                                   6uR  altitude 300

12-13-16  Jackson MS                               6uR  altitude 300

12-15-16  Lafayette LA                              7uR  altitude 40

12-16-16  Loxley LA                                 6uR  altitude 200

12-17-16  Pensacola FL                             5uR  altitude 100

12-20-16  Shuqualak MS                           6uR  altitude 200

12-21-16  White House TN                       7uR  altitude 900

12-29-16  Washington PA                        7uR  altitude 1,100

12-30-16  Chantilly VA                            7uR  altitude 300

1-4-17  Mount Pleasant SC                       8uR  altitude 16

1-6-17  Dalton GA                                   7uR  altitude 800

1-8-17  Huntsville AL                              7uR  altitude 600

1-10-17  Cornersville TN                         7uR  altitude 900

1-15-17  Indianapolis IN                          6uR  altitude 700

1-22-17  Birch Run MI                             6uR  altitude 600

1-29-17  Crown Point IN                          7uR  altitude 700

2-8-17  Hubbard OH                                7uR  altitude 1,000

2-24-17  Memphis TN                              6uR  altitude 300

2-26-17  Germantown TN                         7uR altitude 400

3-1-17  Canton MS                                    6uR  altitude 200

3-3-17  Gonzalez LA                                 6uR  altitude 10

3-4-17  Sorrento LA                                   5uR  altitude 7

3-7-17  Birmingham AL                           6uR  altitude 600

3-17-17  Waukegan IL                              6uR  altitude 700

3-19-17  Lansing IL                                  7uR  altitude 600

3-24-17  Lewisburg WV                          7uR  altitude 2,100

3-26-17  Richmond VA                            10uR  altitude 200

3-27-17  Gordonsville VA                         7uR  altitude 500

4-1-17  South Bend IN                              6uR  altitude 700

4-7-17  West Point KY                              6uR  altitude 400

4-13-17  Niles IL                                       6uR  altitude 600

4-14-17  Albert Lea MN                          6uR  altitude 1,200

4-15-17  Badlands National Park SD       9uR  altitude 2,800

4-16-17  Hermosa SD                              8uR  altitude 3,300

4-17-17  Gillette WY                              11uR  altitude 4,600

4-17-17  Thermopolis WY                     10uR  altitude 4,300

4-18-17  Riverton WY                            14uR  altitude 5,000

4-19-17  Ogden UT                                 9uR  altitude 4,300

4-19-17  Bonneville Salt Flats  UT         8uR  altitude 4,200

4-20-17  Lake Point UT                          8uR  altitude 4,200

4-21-17  Sandy UT                                 11uR  altitude 4,400

4-23-17  Rexburg ID                               12uR  altitude 4,900

4-24-17  Clarkston WA                            7uR  altitude 800

4-25-17  Richland WA                             7uR  altitude 400

4-26-17  Hanford WA B Reactor             13uR  altitude 400

4-27-17  Lacey WA                                  6uR  altitude 200

4-28-17  Port Angeles WA                        8uR  altitude 32

4-29-17  Aberdeen WA                             7uR  altitude 2

4-30-17  Astoria OR                                10uR  altitude 23

5-1-17  Eugene OR                                  8uR  altitude 400

5-2-17  Coos Bay OR                               8uR  altitude 23

5-3-17  Crescent City CA                        7uR  altitude 43

5-4-17  Ukiah CA                                    8uR  altitude 600

5-5-17  Lodi CA                                       8uR  altitude 30

5-9-17  Oxnard CA                                   9uR  altitude 45

5-10-17  Oceanside CA                           8uR  altitude 66

5-11-17  San Diego CA                           8uR  altitude 62

5-12-17  Green Valley AZ                    12uR  altitude 3,000

5-13-17  Deming NM                           13uR  altitude 4,300

5-14-17  Canyon TX                            10uR  altitude 3,500

5-15-17  Springdale AR                        8uR  altitude 1,300

5-16-17  Bloomington IL                       8uR  altitude 800


*this location is near the site of a closed uranium mine that is said to have contaminated the ground water.

**repeating reading in identical conditions as 9-27-13 except with probe resting next to a bunch of bananas still in the peel, or brazil nuts with shell removed.


Blue fin tuna dangerous to eat?


What if low levels of radiation were actually not even harmful, in fact beneficial?


And what if there were a financially vested interest by the nuclear industry to keep you fearful of radiation?    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMqHTbXm3rs  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMqHTbXm3rs

Here's an independent researcher who was fully taken in by the scare hype but sent soil and food samples to be tested from the US and Japan at his own expense.  Care to guess what was found?


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