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We have had many requests for an easier way to order, so now there is a companion site that is user-friendly to purchase survival products:       It still has a few bugs, so please bear with us.

As part of the new above website introduction we have started a new youtube channel!  You can see the videos loaded at ForbiddTV

For the green drinks and coins offered by Forbidden Knowledge, click here   Survival products and freeze dried food can be found by clicking here  The best way to ensure you can get radiological survey equipment, survival products and freeze dried food is to attend a weekend trade show I am appearing at.  Here are the next few shows and expos where Craig will be selling these items:  

The Forbidden Knowledge TV show went off the air March 2010!  However, the Forbidden Knowledge internet radio show began May 5, 2010 (along with a streaming video show as well).

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FOUR NEW PAGES TO THE SITE!  Order page to purchase Civil Defense surplus, L-Arginine and Survival Drink offered by clicking here.  Freeze dried food and survival products offered can be seen by clicking here.   And now offering Low Level Laser leasing by clicking here. 



9/11 and the War on Truth

"9/11 and the War On Truth" is a Forbidden Knowledge video production DVD clocking in at 210 minutes long produced from a lecture featuring Kevin Ryan, Dr. Robert Bowman and Dr. Kevin Barrett held in Ann Arbor Michigan on January 28th 2007. Release date was 3/5/2007.  Click here if you would like a copy for $3.00 postage paid.

We also encourage other local public access TV stations to air this video for non commercial purposes.



It is so important when learning the reality of the world around you to be able to network with like minded people who have either already awakened or are in the process of doing so.  I am listing below meetings/events in the nearby area for you to attend if you wish.  Please submit your event for consideration on this site.

For on-site locations where alternative health services are performed click here.


Novi Michigan  "Chiropractic & Excersize"  with Dr. R.E. Tent on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 7:30pm at the Sheraton Hotel, 21111 Haggerty Rd. Novi, MI 48375.  Free attendance, but there is usually limited seating, so you might want to get there a little early to secure a seat.


Regularly scheduled meetings and protests

Ann Arbor Michigan every Friday (weather permitting) from 4:30-5:30pm there is a protest on the corner of Main and Huron (in front of the County courthouse).  The theme of these protests are usually directed at the various "wars", 9/11 truth, and political corruption in general, but any freedom/truth related topic can usually be found there.  Bring your own signs, or there are usually extras available there to choose from already.

 Berkely Michigan  the Nutritional BioBalance Association holds a weekly meeting every Monday night (excluding some holidays) from 7:00 pm to around 10:00 pm featuring Arthur Morris performing a darkfield microscopy analysis and speaking on many other health topics, usually based on nutrition you can do yourself.  Although the meetings themselves are free, you must become a member of the association at a price of only $20 per year.  It is located near Woodward and 11-mile Rd at the Restoration Bible Church, 1728 Stanford Rd. Berkley, MI 48072.   Forbidden Knowledge host Craig will be there on the second Monday of each month performing cardiovascular screenings, Compass bio-assessments, or heart rate variability screenings [click here to see full schedule].  Go to for more information.

Troy Michigan "Saturday Night Live" on the last Saturday of every month Robert Lewanski hosts a vegetarian/macrobiotic/vegan potluck dinner with a guest lecturer at the Health Force Center in Troy Michigan.   The dinner begins about 6:30pm and a lecture follows on various wellness topics starting around 7:45pm.  You are encouraged to bring home-made vegetarian, macrobiotic, steamed vegetables, raw salads, dips, nori rolls, hummus, toubulli, sauces, soups, stews and similar foods, but no junk food or highly processed foods please!  Donations accepted. 2222 Hempstead Dr. Troy, MI 48083.  For further details see the website

Livonia Michigan "Health Spectrum" once every month on the second Sunday of the month, socializing starts at 12:30 then the meeting starts at 1:00 pm.  The main theme is alternative health with a guest speaker, but there's always some patriot related topics too.  Share inexpensive health secrets and learn natural remedies you can do in your own home.  No admission charge.   This meeting is now by invite only, call Marguerite at (734) 425-9699 for more information and where they meet. 

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